Kampala Film School

Who We Are
Kampala Film School is the first and only film school in Uganda. Since it was established in 2009,KFS has trained a wealth of talented graduates, many of whom are now employed across East Africa's rapidly expanding film and television industry. Located right on the shores of Lake Victoria, KFS is one of the best equipped film schools in East Africa with a growing collection of "state of the art" filmmaking technology available to all our students.

Our Teaching Method
Through a balance of theoretical studies and practical workshops, KFS equips students with a broad knowledge and a full understanding of filmmaking, whilst allowing students to specialise in areas of personal interest and to develop individual professional skills. All students at KFS have the opportunity to produce several short films and documentaries providing them with an extensive show reel by the time they graduate.
A team of international professionals with extensive and current industry experience lead our courses, supplemented by a range of local and visiting lecturers who conduct special workshops and tutorials.

What We Offer

  1. Diploma in Filmmaking 2 Years
  2. Bachelors Degree in Filmmaking 3 Years

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