Library Rules & Regulations


The following categories of membership shall be available:


a) Students Membership

Current students of KU shall be entitled to student’s Membership; a library card will be issued which will be used all the time when one wants to use the library services. The card has to be renewed every year and one has to bring the old one with him/her for renewal. There will be a fine if one looses his or her card and it will also apply when one wants to clear with the Library at the end of the course i.e. 5,000/= to be paid in the bank through the accounts office.

b) Staff Membership

Current Staff at the University shall be entitled to Staff membership.

c) Reference membership

Other persons may be granted reference membership at the discretion of the Library committee or Librarian

This membership shall be limited to the consultation of materials within the Library.
d) Membership Maintenance

Abide by library rules and regulations

Renew membership periodically.


Who can Borrow?

Those eligible for students and staff membership are allowed to borrow.
General Conditions of Borrowing

a) No items shall be taken out of the library or borrowed without the approval of the Librarian.

b) Members shall borrow up to the limit of items allowed within their category of membership.

§ Members eligible for staff membership are allowed to borrow two items at a time

§ Members eligible for students’ membership are allowed to borrow one item at a time.

c) A book can be recalled urgently by library staff. In this event, the date stipulated on the recall notice becomes the date due.

d) All books shall be returned on the date due or earlier if the member is notified that an item is required. Books will be borrowed for a period of two days.

e) Every book borrowed from the library must be returned undamaged by date due Recorded.

f) Books must not be borrowed in anyone’s name but that of the borrower.

g) The borrower named on the borrower’s record is responsible for the return of the book by the date due.

h) CD ROMS are available for use only within the library i.e. they are reserved copies; therefore they are not for borrowing.

i) The librarian may exclude certain classes of books from being borrowed and these must not be taken out of the library. The following classes of books are specifically excluded from loan; Rare books, reference books, bibles, dictionaries etc. which are to be read with in the library.

j) The Librarian shall, at her discretion, impose special conditions governing the use or loan of any item.
Penalties for Transgression of General conditions of Borrowing

a) When a book has been overdue and overdue reminders sent to a borrower, including books not returned in accordance with a Recall Notice; the borrowing privileges of the borrower may be withdrawn until the book (s) is returned

b) Any overdue item not returned after the sending of a final overdue reminder shall be considered to have been lost. The librarian shall assess the cost of replacing the item and the member responsible shall be charged accordingly through the accounts office.

c) No further loans will be made to members having items overdue or fines outstanding.

d) Any damage to or loss of the library books or materials by the borrower, shall be charged at the current replacement values or repair cost. The decision whether to repair or replace the material with a new item will be decided by the librarian.

a) Books and other materials within the library may be loaned to sister branch libraries at the discretion of the Librarian.

b) Books and other materials may be borrowed from sister branch libraries for use by members of the other sister branch library.

a) All Library materials shall be issued before removal from the library.

b) All members shall allow library staff to examine any items which they are taking with them when leaving the Library.

a) Present your library card whenever you are to use the library.

b) Ask for help from the librarian before using a computer.

c) It is strongly urged that briefcases, bags jackets, big envelops e.t.c be left out of the library, Personal belongings may be subject to search on leaving the library.

d) Ask the librarian to help you locate the information you want.

e) Talk to the librarian if you want to photocopy any library material. However there are some materials that are not supposed to be photocopied e.g. Dissertations or research reports.

f) Handle library documents with care.

g) Do not reshelf books after use; leave them on the reading tables.

h) No user is allowed to reserve any working place in the library. If a place is vacated, it may be occupied by another user.

i) Users must not encumber seats, tables, shelves or other areas with personal property to the detriment of other users.

j) Unnecessary noise in the library is forbidden e.g. Conversation that disturbs other users (loud talking), banging of computer keyboards. E.t.c

k) Using audible devices without headphones or with headphones at a volume that disturbs others is forbidden.

l) Library users are not permitted to make calls or receive calls within the library, mobile phones and other communication gadgets shall be switched to silent mode at all times.

m) Users must not rearrange any furniture or move any without specific permission.

n) Unplugging of any computer cables whether for internet, keyboard or mouse and if found doing so, it will lead to the confiscation of one’s library card for two weeks and he/ she cannot access the library for that duration as a penalty.

o) Charge your phone at your own risk.

p) In case you enter with your Laptop, handle it with care. No one will be responsible for its loss.

In the event of an emergency requiring closure of the library e. g a staff meeting, loss of someone, sickness. etc, members may be asked to leave the library by the librarian.


Library users are not allowed in staff working areas unless otherwise authorized by the librarian.

NB. Library will always be closed on public holidays.

Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Thanks and Good Luck