Academic Registry

Admission Regulations

Admissions to the university are based on merit criteria as determined by the University senate and the Council.

Admission requirement
Admission to undergraduate programmes shall be through:

  • Direct entry
  • Diploma entry scheme (from recognized institutions)
  • Mature entry scheme
Direct Entry Requirements:

Degree: A’Level 2 Principle passes 1 Subsidiary for a Degree +5 credits at O’ Level
Diploma: A’Level 1 Principle & 2 subsidiaries pass +5 Credits at O’ level
 Certificate: 5 credit passes at O’Level
K.C.S.E (C+ and above for a Degree, C- and above for a Diploma and D+ for a Certificate) or its equivalent
Diploma holders from recognized institutions for a Degree and Certificate holders for a Diploma

Undergraduate Courses

Business Administration
Computer Sc. & Inform Technology
Business Computing
Environmental Management
Secretarial Information and Office Mgt
Leisure, Tourism and Hotel Management
Mass Communication
Nursing certificate
Industrial Art and Design
Education (Arts and Sciences)
Social Work and Social Administration
Public Administration
Political Science
Development Studies
Human Resource Management
Credit Management

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