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Industrial Art and Design.

Education and training in Industrial Art and Design is the answer that offers the solution to the building establishment and development of the much needed sure technological and creative foundation for the social and economic transformation of any country and culture. It is the mother or generative power of the material culture of any human community, contributing products that satisfy our needs in such areas as clothing, home furnishings and applications, visual media and information technology, as well as tools, equipment, packages and transport vehicles that are used in production and distribution business enterprises. Industrial Artists tend to put more emphasis on both individual and industrial production skills while Industrial Designers put emphasis on the visual representation of their idea and produce specified and detailed drawings to be used by others in the production process.

The school of industrial art and design is one of the pioneer departments of Kampala University, It started as a social science and became a fully-fledged faculty under the name of school of Industrial Art and Design.

Degree Programme.
The school is ready to produce professional art and design educators to meet the demand at different educational levels, also to produce professional self-motivated fine and industrial artists with entrepreneurial skills, capable of establishing both small and large sale industries.

The school is currently divided into three departments:

  • Department of Art and Design Education
  • Department of Industrial and Fine Arts
  • Department of Industrial Design