Dean Of Students Office
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Dean of Students Office
A dean of students plans and directs university activities related to student services and campus life. As an administrator, a dean of students might help coordinate admissions, health services, financial aid, housing and social programs for students. The office of a dean of students is generally responsible for serving as a point of information for students and responding to students' needs. The Dean of Students caters for student welfare in three main areas: University Halls of Residence, where in conjunction with the Wardens ensures that appropriate accommodation facilities and good catering services are provided to students; Recreation and Games - the Department in liaison with the Sports and Recreation staff organizes competitions and sports activities for students; and the Spiritual Centers, where one Imam and two Christian Chaplains within the main campus provide the Spiritual Services. The Dean of Students also gives oversight to the Students' Guild, the Student governing body. The elections of the Guild President, Guild Representative Council (GRC) and the SCR leadership are organised by the Dean of students' office and the Halls of residence are voting centers.
Message from the Guild President
Kampala University is a fountain of knowledge, which produces holistic and all round graduates who become vanguards of change in the community. This philosophy is founded on a society, which needs graduates who are competitive in the job market, academically, morally and socially. It is the Universitys belief, firm hope and desire that Uganda as a nation, the East and Central Africa Region.

About Us
Kampala University has an institutional commitment to ensure an integrated and inclusive learning experience for students with disabilities. Accordingly, the Disability Unit aims to create an enabling environment by providing support to students with disabilities.
The Disability Unit operates within the Department of Student Affairs under the Dean Of Students Office and supports students with disabilities in partnership with departments and faculties. The Disability Unit endeavours to establish a human rights culture at KU that allows for equal access and participation of students with disabilities in the KU learning environment. The Disability Unit facilitates academic accommodations in partnership with the university departments and schools.
Services Offered

In efforts to create an integrated and inclusive learning environment for students with disabilities, the Disability Unit offers the following services:

  • Advocacy and advice on any disability related matters.
  • Consultative and counselling services for students with disabilities.
  • Assistive technological services: screenings, trainings and support to students with disabilities regarding a variety of assistive computer technologies and software applications available at the DU’s computer lab. Training sessions are available by request.
  • Adapted text arrangements: Conversion of study material into accessible formats.
  • Facilitation of test and examination accommodations for students with disabilities.
  • Test and Exam Concession applications (relevant supporting medical report required and registration with DU).
  • Orientation and mobility training.
  • Academic support for students with learning disabilities.
  • Psycho-social support for students with disabilities.
  • Referrals for recommended textbooks in electronic format.
  • Accessible study venues and a computer lab.
Student Responsibility

All students with disabilities bear the responsibility to timely request the assistance of the Disability Unit as well as to provide any documentation of conditions that may warrant academic accommodations. In addition it is the responsibility of the student to:

  • Register with the Disability Unit as early as possible and submit documentation of disability as a prerequisite to receiving academic accommodations.
  • “Letters of Accommodation” that detail your disability-related needs must be discussed with lecturers and other relevant faculty members.
  • Concession applications for additional time must be submitted to the DU no later than April 30th, for first semester assessments and September 30th for second semester assessments. Engineering students kindly note applications must be submitted at least a week prior to Engineering Week assessments.
  • Make timely applications for test and examination arrangements. All requests to be submitted to the DU no later than a week before the assessment.
  • Provide for personal disability-related needs or services such as personal care attendants.
  • Meet the same academic standards expected of all UP students.