Directory of Open Access Journals

Directory of Open Access Books

Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR)

Highwire Press

World Wide Science (Science gateway)

British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Biomed central

Free Medical Journals

Public Library of Science

Alberta Law Review

Amsterdam Law reform

Goettingen Journal of International Law

Journal of Law and Commerce

Journal of Algebra and its Applications- Requires registration

Annales Geophysicae

Earth Planets and Space

Current articles of EPS are also available on Springer Open at

Springer Open Journals


Makerere IR

Virginia Tech Univ

British Theses and Dissertations – Need to register

Mathematics and Physics Repository

Mathematics and Physics Repository

Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN)

MIT Open Courseware

African Virtual University (AVU-OER)

Africa OER

Google Open Courseware

John Hopkins School of Public Health OCW