Shifting of Kampala University 20th Graduation Date From 13th April 2023 To 4th May 2023

Dear 2023 graduating class, kindly take note of this important message,

Warm greetings,

It has come to our attention that 13th April 2023 a day that Senate had chosen for our 20th Graduation Ceremony falls in the Month of Ramadhan and most of our Guests and other University stakeholders will be fully engaged during this period.

Therefore, this communication serves to notify you all that the 20th Graduation Ceremony date has been shifted from 13th April 2023 to 4th May 2023, kindly accept and adjust your programs accordingly as you register our apologies for the inconveniences caused.

However, the new and final deadline date for clearance is 20th March 2023 and should be adhered to. Nice preparations as we strive for excellence. Yours truly,

O’wek. Amb.Al-haj Prof. Badru D.Kateregga Vice-Chancellor Kampala University