The University Senate is the supreme academic Organ of the University and is responsible for the organization, control and direction of the academic matters of the University.

The Senate has the following duties and powers;

  • Initiate the Academic policy of the University and advise the University Council on the requisite facilities for its implementation;
  • Advise the Council on University Minimum Entry Requirements for admission to the University;
  • Direct and regulate the instructional programmes and the structure of any Degree, Diploma or Certificate course of the University or any of its constituent colleges and affiliates.
  • Make regulations regarding the content and academic standard of any Programme of study in respect of a Degree, Diploma, Certificate or any other award of the University;
  • Make regulations regarding the standard of proficiency to be attained in each examination for a Degree, Diploma, Certificate or other award of the University;
  • Decide which persons have attained the standard of proficiency and are fit for the award of any Degree, Diploma, Certificate or other awards of the University;
  • Deprive any person of a degree, diploma, certificate or any other award of the University if, after due inquiry, it is found that the award was obtained through


  1. Vice-Chancellor (Chairperson)
  2. Deputy Vice–Chancellor - Member
  3. Chairman University Council- Member
  4. Vice Chairman University Council-Member
  5. Director Finance and Marketing- Member
  6. University Secretary – Member
  7. Director Quality Assurance- Member
  8. Academic Registrar -Secretary
  9. Dean of Students- Member
  10. University Librarian- Member
  11. Senior Examinations Officer-Member
  12. Chief University Accountant –Member
  13. Campus Directors - Members
  14. Public Relations Officer
  15. Deans of Schools
  16. Heads of Academic Departments – Members
  17. IT Manager
  18. Two Students’ Reps: Guild President and Vice President
  19. THREE members appointed by the Board of Trustees.